[Mimedefang] multiplexor Cannot open bayes databases R/O: tie failed: No such file or director

Neil King king at hjw.com
Mon Feb 28 18:59:25 EST 2005

I took out the soft links.
I un-installed the Sun binary for perl 5.8.0 and re-installed perl 5.8.6
from source.
Library paths all look ok to me, I am looking first for libs in
/usr/local/lib so the lib's should not be a problem.

I re-installed some of the perl modules using CPAN.
It was not a global re-install of perl modules because some modules were
already were present.
I am assuming they are coming from Perl 5.8.6.
Did I need to un-install perl modules separately and in what manner?

I shut down yp and windowing system operating from console.

Problem still exists, same level 10 per hour.

I should not have an IO problem at this point because I am only
forwarding one account into the filter.
iostat is showing very little usage.
swap -s is showing very little memory usage.

I was diiging around the archive and saw a wed feb 11 01:30:40 EST 2004
archive that talked about a memory leak that duplicates the type of
error I am getting.  The apparent solution was to re-install DB_File.
If the file is up to date How do you un-install, just go look for it and
delete it manually?

Any thoughts on this.

This is a bugger!


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