[Mimedefang] Re: SQL user preferences and Mimedefang (fwd)

Kenneth Porter shiva at sewingwitch.com
Wed Feb 23 05:42:37 EST 2005

FYI, perhaps something to put in the wiki.

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Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2005 5:51 PM -0500
From: Matt Kettler <mkettler at evi-inc.com>
To: Arie Kachler <akachler at telcom.net>, users at spamassassin.apache.org
Subject: Re: SQL user preferences and Mimedefang

At 05:29 PM 2/22/2005, Arie Kachler wrote:
> Can SQL user preferences be accomplished with a milter like Mimedefang? I
> don't
> see the option in the SA documentation. The only way, apparently, to use
> SQL user prefs is with spamd, which is not used with Mimedefang or other
> milters. Is there a way around this?

Most milter's use spamd, so this isn't an issue for "other milters".. it's
mostly a mimedefang, mailscanner, and other perl based tool issue.

Mimedefang, or any other  tool that uses SA direct perl API, can
theoretically make use of SQL, but it requires code changes .

The way the API is laid out, the choice about which config source to use is
left up to the caller of the API. If Mimedefang were to call
load_scoreonly_sql() on the Mail::SpamAssassin object, then the SQL
configuration would be used. Otherwise, it's not going to be used.

The fundamental crux is there are no config options that actually enable
SQL. That's done with command-line parameters to spamd, which causes spamd
to call the above load function. The config options only specify what to do
with SQL once it's turned on.

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