[Mimedefang] Slightly OT: Knowing the Spammers tools

Matt Smith Matt at Coolchilli.com
Tue Feb 22 20:55:55 EST 2005

Greetings List,

Was just forwarded this link by an anti-spam product cold caller:


I found it interesting that this particular product ships with SpamAssassin
built-in to test messages against a default ruleset of SA.
I thought others might find it interesting to play with and try to see if
anything common crops up that rules can be created against ;) in the mindset
that it's easier to catch/block spammers if we think like spammers and know
their products - something i've not done yet.

I haven't been able yet to get the demo version running, it keeps failing
the logon - which is a shame, i'd love to play spammer to myself for a day
and see just how much I can filter out with MD+SA !

Thoughts / comments?


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