[Mimedefang] setlogsock error

Daniel Zachary dan_zachary at sil.org
Fri Feb 18 16:22:34 EST 2005

When I upgraded to mimedefang 2.51 I began encountering the following error:

Feb 18 14:23:17 ma2 mimedefang-multiplexor[30721]: Slave 1 stderr: 
Undefined subroutine &main::setlogsock called at 
/etc/mail/mimedefang-filter line 251.

This line is:

               # Log all information so we have a trail.
               openlog( "mimedefang-filter", "pid", "local2" );
               syslog( 'err', "Sender: $Sender, Subject: $Subject" );

This line has been in the mimedefang-filter for some time. Looks like 
the Sys::syslog module can't be found?

Yet during the ./compile stage, there are comments that indicate that 
setlogsock is found and working.

I can comment out the setlogsock line and then logging entries come to 
the console instead of the log file.

Any ideas what we broke?

Dan Zachary

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