[Mimedefang] case of multiple virus scanners running

Mack roaringpenguin.com at bass-speaker.com
Wed Feb 16 07:36:34 EST 2005

Interesting question....... Has made me think

I currently have the system set for different modes of operation depending on certain factors
"drop entire" or "drop part"

in the drop entire, I scan the msg in filter_begin, and drop it if it contains a virus

in drop part, I scan the msg in filter_begin to see if it contains a virus, (make a note if it's clean or not)
If it's not clean i then scan each individual part so i can drop the offending part (reason for doing this is that scanning every part of every msg uses a lot of resources and takes more time with 3 virus engines running)
if it's marked as clean by the filter_begin scan I don't bother scanning the individual parts.

Am i likely to let anything slip through by doing this ?

or is there a better way of doing it ?

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On Tue, 15 Feb 2005, Keith Patton wrote:

> Am I right to assume that if a mail message contains multiple
> attachments that mimedefang could spawn off a virus scan for each
> attachment?

Not unless you do that deliberately in your filter.  And even so, they'd
be sequential scans, not parallel ones.

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