[Mimedefang] Anyone using File::Scan?

Keith Patton kpatton at dallas.photronics.com
Tue Feb 15 22:18:52 EST 2005


 For the ease of anyone who is, you can make to so when you run 
configure you must enter --enable-filescan  ( or something likewise 
)...otherwise it is not added.

As for myself,  I don't use...

thanks for all the work you do.


David F. Skoll wrote:

>Does anyone use File::Scan with MIMEDefang?  It seems to cause a lot
>of problems with false positives.
>For the next release, I'm considering removing the auto-detection
>of File::Scan.  In other words, if you want File::Scan, you'll have to
>specifically ask for it in your filter.
>Any objections to this change?
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