FW: [Mimedefang] Redirecting email with mimedefang

Ilo Lorusso ilo at ipnoc.co.za
Wed Feb 9 03:34:21 EST 2005

All the mail that comes to this server is smart relayed (or mailtertables)
of to another servers, And from what I've tried procmail or virtusertables
wont help redirecting mail.
Does anyone have any examples of how I could do this with sendmail

Paul Murphy wrote:
> No, it is not a good idea to do it here.  The correct places are in 
> the local aliases file, or in virtusertable within Sendmail.

Only if you're not redirecting based on the results of MIMEDefang
processing.  I have a system set up for domain hosting that redirects
anything tagged as spam into a separate "spam at domain" account.  I can't do
this at delivery, because I'm not using procmail or some other similarly
configurable delivery agent.  I can't just insert an alias or virtuser
entry, because not all email should be diverted.

And I *really* don't feel like creating custom sendmail delivery rulesets
(not even sure if that would work...) when MIMEDefang can do the job in
(relatively) clear and straightforward Perl.

> Also, most admins will expect redirects to be done by Sendmail, and so 
> the transparency of your system is affected - important if you have 
> multiple admins, or you leave.

That's why you document what you've done.  <g>

Get your mouse off of there!  You don't know where that email has been!
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