[Mimedefang] Problems with SpamAssassin 3.1 RC1and MIMEDefang

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Sat Aug 27 20:44:03 EDT 2005

Martin Blapp wrote:

> Please download SA3.1 Pre 1 and try yourself. I've setup a test
> installation and the problem is reproducable 100%. No slaves are
> killed anymore after a reload.

Please try turning off the use of the embedded Perl interpreter.
If that fixes it, I know what the problem is and I'll have a fix.
I believe the problem is that something in the SA 3.1 code is resetting
the handling of SIGCHLD, which is deadly for the multiplexor.  The fix
is to force our SIGCHLD handler to be installed even after the Perl code
has initialized.

Note that a malicious filter or Perl module can still confuse MIMEDefang by
resetting SIGCHLD during filter execution.  In this case, you have no
choice but to turn off the embedded Perl interpreter.  So don't use
Perl modules that do that!



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