[Mimedefang] Re: [OT] Debian Policy (was Re: Re: Quarantine location)

NFN Smith worldoff9908 at sacbeemail.com
Fri Aug 26 15:17:30 EDT 2005

Gordon Henderson wrote:

> So what I do and just use Debian as a bootstrap mechanism - put sendmail
> on hold once it's installed, then just compile up a standard sendmail,
> mimedefang, SA, *sql, apache, php, etc. rather than use the packages. 

I did this with sendmail on a RH box (partially because I needed a 
couple of compile-time options that weren't included in the RPM), until 
I needed to install a package where the RPM included sendmail in the 
dependencies list.  (And it wasn't until some time later that I 
discovered RPM's "force" option).

At that point, I took the time to learn how to install sendmail by 
building from RPM source.


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