[Mimedefang] Installing mimedefang to SLES: perl modules

Tanel Kokk tanel.kokk at seb.ee
Tue Aug 23 07:10:04 EDT 2005


I want to install mimedefang to SuSE Enterprise Server. Mimedfang 
requires cpan module MIME::Base64 and at least version 3.03. 
Unfortunately SLES standard perl contains already MIME::Base64 module, 
version 2.21. So what is most correct way to upgrade MIME::Base64 module?

I don't want to overwrite the old Base64.pm with new one, I don't want 
to break rpm package. And next time, when perl package would be updated 
(because of some bugs), the MIME::Base64 module would be downgraded.

I think myself, that I'll make the rpm package from newer MIME::Base64 
module (with cpan2rpm or perl2rpm), install it into the vendor_perl 
directory structure and run mimedefang with option 
-I/usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.3/i586-linux-thread-multi. In this way 
modules will be searched from vendor_perl directory at first. And perl 
rpm files remain as is.

What do you mean?


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