[Mimedefang] Problems with SpamAssassin 3.1 RC1and MIMEDefang

Nels Lindquist nlindq at maei.ca
Wed Aug 24 13:53:52 EDT 2005

On 23 Aug 2005 at 9:09, James Ebright wrote:

> Have you tried disabling embedded perl and seeing if the issue is resolved.. I
> know there are some issues with embedded perl on some platforms.

I wasn't experiencing any problems with embedded perl otherwise, but 
I'll try disabling it anyway just to see.

> You also might consider posting this info to the developers of SA as last I
> checked 3.1 was in beta, the current stable release is 2005-06-06,
> SpamAssassin 3.0.4 

I'll do that.

Nels Lindquist <*>
Information Systems Manager
Morningstar Air Express Inc.

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