[Mimedefang] Excluding localhost

Andrew Pollock andrew-mimedefang at andrew.net.au
Mon Aug 22 02:33:08 EDT 2005


I've tried Googling for this answer on a number of occassions, without a
whole lot of success.

I reinstalled my mailserver recently (new hardware), and since reinstalling,
I've found locally generated mail takes an uncomfortably long time to send.
This is painfully obvious when using Mutt, for example. PHP pages also take
a long time to complete loading as well.

I hadn't noticed this problem previously. I had a filter_begin() sub that
something like this:

sub filter_begin () {
    # No need to impact on delivery times for locally generated mail
    if (!defined $RelayAddr || $RelayAddr eq '') {
8.204.2') {

However, my reading of things suggests that the return code from
filter_begin() is irrelevant, so I suspect this wasn't ever working before.
I've dicked around with returning action_accept() but this just seems to
generate errors in the log about being called outside a filter, and for the
same reasons, my understanding is it's probably not going to make a
difference anyway.

So, my question is, what is the anatomically correct manner for getting the
MIMEDefang filter to bail out as early and as quickly as possible for
deliveries from specific hosts? Do I need to add a filter_relay sub, and
change how I'm invoking MIMEDefang?



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