[Mimedefang] forged MIME boundary content filterable?

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Tue Aug 16 07:31:55 EDT 2005

Brett Kropf wrote:

> I believe that MD (2.45 at least) is ignoring content when the MIME 
> boundary tags do not match.

How should it behave?

> Is there yet any way to filter within such forged boundaries?


And there won't be, because there is simply no sane way to do it.
If you really want to do something with such broken messages, you'll
have to open and parse ./INPUTMSG yourself from filter_end.

(Actually, this is not *quite* true.  I believe that if there is at least
one valid set of boundary lines, you can get at the gunk before the
boundary with $entity->preamble, and the gunk after the boundary with
$entity->epilogue.  Check the MIME::Entity man page.)


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