[Mimedefang] Re: Code to remove winmail.dat files and replace themwiththe attachments.

Stewart mimedefang at f8.com.au
Thu Aug 11 20:27:51 EDT 2005

Hi list..

I've just resubscribed to the list for just this thread so forgive me  
for jumping in with my own issue here..

I applied the patch the other day using the debian package of ytnef  
(cuz i'm lame and prefer to use apt-get wherever possible :)

Tested it a bit and it seemed fine but all sorts of things went awry  
the next day - attachments went missing, and/or turned up on the  
wrong email messages! I was totally confused as to what might be  
going on until one user rang me and said the person sitting next to  
her sent her an email and it collected someone else's attachment on  
the way. Ooops, said i, and rapidly put back the backup of mimedefang- 

Upon further reflection i think my problem might be the line calling  
ytnef - perhaps stupidly i just altered the path, but didn't think  
about the calling parameters so it says

@new_files = `/usr/bin/ytnef -f Work $path`;

now if i'm reading ytnef help output correctly, i think that should be

@new_files = `/usr/bin/ytnef -f . $path`;

can someone confirm/deny this for me before i go and mess things up  
again? :)



PS oh for a properly funded IT department with a test/devel  
environment... :-(
PPS oh for users that don't insist that outlook is the best email  
client and they won't use anything else ;-)

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