[Mimedefang] Re: Code to remove winmail.dat files and replace them withthe attachments.

Daniel C. Mahoney dan at wolf.com
Thu Aug 11 11:36:41 EDT 2005

Thomas Tinglum writes: 

> I had to use ytnef instead of tnef after all, discovering that tnef
> dont handle outlook meeting requests very well. 
> I have a working implementation running with virus filter through
> (Sophos) sweep, bad extensions and tnef decoder. It works really well
> with som hacks here and there :) 
> I only have one question beeing a perl newbie: 
> What does the  $file =~ s:^.*[\\/]::;   line in filter_end do ? 

It's a substitution command. It says "wherever you find a line that ends 
with a '/' or a '\', remove the entire line (actually, it says replace the 
line with ''). 

I'm not sure if that's exactly the way it should be written, but that's the 
effect of the line you provided. 

Dan Mahoney
dan at wolf.com 

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