[Mimedefang] Anybody any ideas what's causing these errors ?

Mack roaringpenguin.com at bass-speaker.com
Thu Aug 4 12:02:55 EDT 2005

the sendmail.cf line is
Xmimedefang, S=unix:/var/spool/MIMEDefang/mimedefang.sock, F=T, T=S:5m;R:5m

So i guess the timeouts there are 300s then which does match the 11:27:58 -> 11:32:58 exactly (coincidence that lol)

I'll tweak those a little, but it does seem strange since the box wasn't what one would call excessively loaded at the time (only about 15 slaves busy)



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On Sat, 4 Jun 2005 16:27:20 +0100, Mack wrote
> I keep seeing these every now and then,
> Aug  4 11:27:58 xxxx sendmail[21826]: j74APxYT021826: from=<x at x.x.x>,
>  size=625444, class=0, nrcpts=1, 
> msgid=<6658066.1123149733542.JavaMail.x at x.x.x>, proto=ESMTP, 
> daemon=MTA, relay=[x.x.x.x]
> Aug  4 11:28:11 xxxx mimedefang.pl[13083]: TC: Logging : 1.881722 
> Aug  4 11:32:58 xxxx sendmail[21826]: j74APxYT021826: Milter 
> (mimedefang): timeout before data read
> Aug  4 11:32:58 xxxx sendmail[21826]: j74APxYT021826: Milter 
> (mimedefang): to error state
> Aug  4 11:32:58 xxxx sendmail[21826]: j74APxYT021826: Milter: data,
>  reject=451 4.3.2 Please try again later

That is sendmail deciding it had not heard from the milter before one of the
set timeouts in your milter definition (in your sendmial.mc file) expired.

So at this point sendmail temp failed the message.

Looks like MD was almost done with it at this point too if it was appending
boiler-plate text... does it actually end up being delivered? (I suspect not
once MD gets notice from sendmail it was temp failed or it was passed back to
sendmial then dropped since it was tempfailed already, not sure which scenario
but something like that).

Tweaking your sendmail.mc file for your timeouts might help. See:


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