[Mimedefang] Need to score .html attachments.

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Tue Nov 30 21:10:57 EST 2004

On Tue, 30 Nov 2004, Danny Jensen wrote:

>  2.3 MANGLED_BODY           BODY: mangled body
>  2.3 MANGLED_FROM           BODY: mangled from
>  2.3 MANGLED_PURCHS         BODY: mangled purchase(s)
>  2.3 MANGLED_ACCNT          BODY: mangled account(s)
>  2.3 MANGLED_WEIGHT         BODY: mangled weight
>  2.3 MANGLED_OFF            BODY: mangled off
>  2.3 MANGLED_TEXT           BODY: mangled text
>  2.3 MANGLED_DELIVY         BODY: mangled delivery
>  2.3 MANGLED_MEN            BODY: mangled men
>  2.3 MANGLED_COST           BODY: mangled cost
>  2.3 MANGLED_CABLE          BODY: mangled cable
>  2.3 MANGLED_EXTNSN         BODY: mangled extension(s)

Where are those "MANGLED" rulesets coming from?  They aren't standard
SpamAssassin rules, are they?

> 2)	Is there a way I can use standard .cf rules to score just the
> mime header portion of the mail. Eg rule

> header LOCAL_HTML_NAME  Content-Disposition =~ /name=\".*mag.*\.html?\"/
> header LOCAL_HTML_ATACH Content-Disposition =~ /attachment/

No; those look at message headers, not MIME part headers.

> I'm using canit-pro, sa 2.63.

You can use CanIt "RawBody" custom rules, but it's probably better to get
rid of the MANGLED_xxx rulesets altogether.



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