[Mimedefang] removing mimedefang

Aleksandar Milivojevic amilivojevic at pbl.ca
Fri Nov 26 11:33:41 EST 2004

dr john halewood wrote:
> On Friday 26 Nov 2004 11:59, Andrew Jayes wrote:
>>I tried to put 
>># Disable ClamAV
>>$Features{'Virus:CLAMAV'} = 0;
>>Should I have put it somewhere else or wrapped it up in brackets?
> It's a global variable so I'd suggest putting it at the very top of your 
> mimedefang-filter script. That way it should propogate to all functions 
> (failing that, if you're feeling really hackish, you could edit it in 
> mimedefang.pl, but there shouldn't be any need for this and it will disappear 
> whenever you upgrade mimedefang).

Virus scanning is explicitly called from mimedefang-filter.  If you do 
not ask for it, it will not be performed.  Usual place where it is 
invoked is filter_begin (if you want to scan entire email once, and than 
make accpet/reject decision).  Some people call it from filter and 
filter_multipart instead (if you want to scan each part separately, and 
than only remove infected parts instead of blocking entire email).

So basically, commenting or deleting parts of mimedefang-filter where 
you are checking for viruses should prevent any virus scanning from 
taking place, regardless of values assigned to global variables.

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