[Mimedefang] spamtrap on secondary MX

Mark Price mark at tqhosting.com
Wed Nov 24 12:40:34 EST 2004


I used OpenBSD's spamd to do that, although on a primary MX.  It worked 
great in reducing spam.  The only downside is that if someone sends you 
mail for the first time, you have to wait 30 mins to an hour to receive 
it.  It really sucks if you are waiting from an email from a new forum, 
client, contact, etc.  For a secondary-only box with a pretty reliable 
primary MX, I would do it though.


-ray wrote:

>I read an article in SysAdmin that talked about setting up a spamtrap on a
>secondary or tertiary MX box.  The box would look like a good MTA, answers
>helo and 'mail from', but on 'rcpt to' always returns "451 Try again
>later".  The idea being spammers prefer secondary MX's, but will never try
>again.  A legit host that happens to connect will of course try again
>later (hopefully to primary MX).  The author claims this reduced spam
>intake by 10%.
>Anyone done anything similar?  Any thoughts?  Seems like a simple way to 
>catch a lot of spam...
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