[Mimedefang] timeout before data read?

Keith Patton kpatton at dallas.photronics.com
Wed Nov 17 15:39:59 EST 2004

I had a similiar issue quite a while back to this.  I had to increase 
the timers in the filter definitions line in sendmail.cf
Xmimedefang, S=unix:/Defang/mimedefang.sock, F=T, T=S:10m;R:10m

It looks like sendmail it issueing a timeout when this timer expires and 
mimedefang is not finished yet..  This permits a 10 minute scan..

I have some very large attachments so your numbers my vary..


Rich West wrote:

> Quite suddenly, and consistently, today at around noon, I started 
> seeing the following messages in my maillog, and the load average on 
> the system went through the roof (load average shot up beyond 22!) 
> shortly afterwards.
> Nov 17 15:02:51 cranium sm-mta[24072]: iAHK1XJR024072: Milter 
> (mimedefang): timeout before data read
> Nov 17 15:02:51 cranium sm-mta[24072]: iAHK1XJR024072: Milter 
> (mimedefang): to error state
> Nov 17 15:02:51 cranium sm-mta[24072]: iAHK1XJR024072: Milter: data, 
> reject=451 4.3.2 Please try again later
> Nov 17 15:02:51 cranium sm-mta[24072]: iAHK1XJR024072: 
> to=<user at myhost.com>, delay=00:01:01, pri=32062, stat=Please try again 
> later
> Now, if I bring down both mimedefang and sendmail and bring it back up 
> again, I can get some mail to come through, but very little before it 
> starts spitting out these errors again.
> And, it seems, that mimedefang keeps being forced to spawn a new 
> process, leaving the old one around to spin its wheels, and the new 
> process will generate the same error, and then spawn a new process 
> because of the failure, and so on and so on, becoming a very fast and 
> sick cycle. :(
> I'm pretty much at a loss as to what could be the cause since neither 
> mimedefang nor sendmail have been rebuilt in quite a while (I am 
> running the latest mimedefang and the latest sendmail, of course).  
> And no changes have been put in to place in the mimedefang-filter 
> either. :(
> Right now, I am limping by only by watching the maillog, seeing a 
> failure of a slave, and restarting mimedefang as a whole...  Of 
> course, I can't keep that up forever..
> -Rich
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