[Mimedefang] action_delete_all_headers

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Wed Nov 10 08:13:16 EST 2004

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> I want to use the action_delete_all_headers to remove a specific header 
> from emails, but i want this to run only on "outgoing" emails, i already 
> have in filter_relay a check for outgoing emails, which makes it ignore 
> scan of outgoing emails, but this action can only be used in filter_begin 
> or filter_end (said in the MAN),
> How can i use this action to delete the header i want only from outgoing 
> emails ? neither of these filters get an IP as a argument i can use to 
> decide when to run it.

Check the mimedefang-filter manpage.  You'll find a number of variables
are pre-set rather than being passed as an arguments.  $RelayHostname and
and $RelayAddr will contain the information you need.  There are others
that have information you may want to use as well, such as a list of 
addresses for the current message.

Chris Myers
Networks By Design 

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