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Tory Blue tmblue at responsys.com
Thu Nov 4 22:39:57 EST 2004

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From: Jeff Rife [mailto:mimedefang at nabs.net] 
I haven't seen any truly legitimate ones get those scores, although 
ones that come from "legitimate spammers" (i.e., where they are 
spamming for legal things) do.  Since all of these sorts are from 
harvesting or sold-without-consent lists, I don't think anybody is 
inconvenienced by it.

I would concur with Jeff, 10 is a good number to use to bounce, I started at
13 and worked my way down. 
Any legitiamte marketing department will attempt to stay below 5 in SA. Some
that deal with financial, even some of the big 5 financials will creep over
5 due to the word mortgage, but that's what spammers have done, they have
poisoned the pool for all. So if you sign up for a mortgage watch (legit
thru one of the big 5 banking outfits), you will see a score of 4-6 give or
take (if html, obviously text scores much less) (and hell text is preferred
by many these days anyways).

I think I tag things that rate over 5 as spam, but send it along, I block
anything that scores a 9.5 or above. But heck the new pill pusher and
outdated mortgage spams, don't even score sometimes.  What I need is
something that will do a dictionary look up and if the  email contains more
then 2 mispelled words in the subject it's bounced. That's not efficient,
but how else are you going to stop all the V!Agra, M0r tgage and other types
of spam?!


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