[Mimedefang] slaves

Aleksandar Milivojevic amilivojevic at pbl.ca
Tue Nov 2 13:09:44 EST 2004

Button, Shawn wrote:
> This is a typical section of the log file that starts with the
> failure...
> Nov  2 10:42:03 oslo mimedefang-multiplexor[15811]: Killing busy slave 1
> (pid 17209): Busy timeout
> Nov  2 10:42:03 oslo mimedefang[17903]: Error from multiplexor: ERR
> Filter timed out - check filter rules or system load
> Nov  2 10:42:03 oslo sendmail[17902]: iA2HfX9j017902:
> to=<tanner at xxx.com>, delay=00:00:30, pri=32632, stat=Please try again
> later

Looking at this, it seems it's MX_BUSY being set too low, just as David 
pointed out earlier.  mimdefang-multiplexor killed the slave, and 
instructed Sendmail to tempfail the message.  Sendmail should have 
logged another line just after it got 'MAIL FROM', (grep for 
iA2HfX9j017902 in logs).  It will give you an idea for how long 
MIMEDefang was processing the email, before it gave up.  If what David 
pointed out to you is correct, the time difference will match your 
current MX_BUSY seting (give or take couple of seconds).  Try boosting 
MX_BUSY to 600 (10 minutes) or even 900 (15 minutes).

BTW, don't let huge mails go through SpamAssassin.  Anything larger than 
say 100k isn't likely to be spam, and it will take *really* long time 
and huge amount of memory for SpamAssassin to digest large emails.

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