[Mimedefang] slaves

Aleksandar Milivojevic amilivojevic at pbl.ca
Tue Nov 2 12:25:05 EST 2004

Button, Shawn wrote:
> For some reason mail is still being rejected when the filter times
> out...is there a way to allow the mail through instead of rejecting it
> if the filter times out? We removed the F=T flag in the mc but this
> didn't seem to help. It would at least buy us some time to hunt this
> down more.

Hm, removing F=T from mc file, rebuilding cf and restarting sendmail 
should have helped.  The only case where it wouldn't help is if client 
MUA (or connecting MTA) is too impatient and timeouts connection on its 
end too soon (default in Sendmail is to wait for response 1 hour after 
it sends "lone dot" to remote server).  If it is limited to only mails 
from some sites, it might indicate somebody played with these timeouts 
in his configuration file.

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