[Mimedefang] graphdefang Max Unixtime

Greg Miller gmiller at richmond.edu
Mon Nov 15 13:07:15 EST 2004

I'm having an odd problem with graphdefang that I hope someone else has
seen before.

I execute grapdefang.pl the first time and all graphs are generated as
expected. However, on subsequent runs I see that the value for Max
Unixtime in SummaryDB.db is several hours in the future. As a result,
graphdefang doesn't process any new log lines.

It seems that eventually my machine catches up to this futuristic time
and logs are processed again, for a time. Then, for some reason, Max
Unixtime get sets in the future again, and the problem repeats.

First thought was that this was a time zone issue. But, I have tried
setting the TZ environment variable from the shelll and in the Perl
script to no avail.

Any ideas appeciated. Thanks.


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