[Mimedefang] Original-Content-Type in header

Tim Boyer tim at denmantire.com
Thu Nov 4 18:45:17 EST 2004

I'm using RH Enterprise, Sendmail Switch, MimeDefang 2.44 and
SpamAssassin 3.0.1.  Somewhere in there a very few html messages are
having their content type changed to text/plain, and an
'Original-Content-Type' line inserted, like so:

Content-Type: text/plain
X-Spam-Score: -0.652 ()
X-Scanned-By: MIMEDefang 2.44
Original-Content-Type: text/html
X-UIDL: DZR"!?_9!!3MS!!,c0"!

... but I'll be darned if I can figure out which program is mangling
the headers.  Does anyone know off the top of their head what could be
doing this?

Thanks much...

Tim Boyer
tim at denmantire.com

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