[Mimedefang] slaves

Button, Shawn sbutton at dtjboulder.com
Mon Nov 1 16:14:53 EST 2004

 Still having some sporadic filter timeouts...MD 2.45 and sendmail
8.13.1 and the latest spam assassin 3.0 I believe...

Just checking if the below looks proper for a medium traffic mail

Thank you...

mimedefang-multiplexor[7807]: started; minSlaves=2, maxSlaves=10,
maxRequests=500, maxIdleTime=300, busyTimeout=30, clientTimeout=10

Here's my mc line, I have experimented with bumping up the timeouts to 5
minutes with limited success, I also dropped the F=T line to make sure
that mail still came through...

`S=unix:/var/spool/MIMEDefang/mimedefang.sock, T

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