[Mimedefang] New spammer trick?

Jonas Eckerman jonas_lists at frukt.org
Thu Nov 27 17:26:51 EST 2003

> So for my friends, the relay and the from address are definitely
> going to be different however legitamate.

My guess is that this is pretty common. Personally I sometimes send 
with my work address from home or my home adress from work, and I 
don't think I'm alone int that.

And if you check this mail, you'll probably see that the relay is 
from bredband.net (or something like that, it's the ISP I use at 
home), while the from is truls.org (wich is my own domain, with mail 
server completely independent from any ISP). If I actually do send 
from the storing mailserver for truls.org (wich I never do), se relay 
will actually be a frukt.org host (because everything at work, where 
I've got my server, is sent through that gateway).

And my laptop has a whole list of relays it can send through, 
depending on how it's connected to the net...

Demanding that the from address should in any way be conne cted to 
the relay is simply not a good idea.

Jonas Eckerman, jonas_lists at frukt.org

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