[Mimedefang] New spammer trick?

Phoenician Phoenician at phoenixcolony.com
Thu Nov 27 12:41:50 EST 2003

Sounds like RR. You have an RR email account. It's <userid> (which you
should have gotten on paper with a password as well)
@<localdesignation>.rr.com. Once you are in that one, you can define
several 'sub' email addresses as well. At least here in Tampa we can. I
have one I only use for contacting their helpdesk and for  nothing else.
Guess what, It's getting spam. I wonder how...

What you need to do is send all the spam that you receive on your RR
address to abuse at rr.com.
They state on their support pages that any problematic spam should be
sent to them.  :)

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