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chon at elsalvador.com chon at elsalvador.com
Wed Nov 26 18:18:20 EST 2003

Tha was exactly it!  i was a little fuzzy about the event folder.  now it's clearanks for your help and an awesome tool!!!
Jon Quiros

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> It looks like your "event" name is "sm-mta", which there is no event for in
> the "event" folder.  You should create a sm-mta event by copying the
> sendmail file to sm-mta.  I don't remember, but you also may have to edit
> the new file and change references from sendmail to sm-mta.
> Regards,
> John
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> Subject: graphdefang and sendmail's rbl
> I can't keep track in graphdefang of the "reject" blacklisting that sendmail
> is doing.  I tried just adding "reject" to the graphs but it isn;t itwant to
> get this as well in my graphs because it will be useful to see how much mail
> is being blocked because of blacklisting alone on behalf of sendmail.
> I see the part for sendmail in the "event" folder in graphdefang, and I
> think it's being called, but I don't know how to use it- I'm assuming this
> is not a job for mimedefang/spamassassin to put into the log because
> sendmail is doing it first.  In case it's my log format that's a little off,
> here are two sample lines (each, all on one line):
> ======
> Nov 26 16:25:26 gaia sm-mta[28341]: ruleset=check_relay,
> arg1=131-183-28.dial.terra.cl, arg2=,
> relay=131-183-28.dial.terra.cl [], reject=550 5.7.1 Mail from
> dynamic IP rejected - see
> http://dynablock.easynet.nl/errors.html
> ======
> Nov 26 16:20:06 gaia sm-mta[10372]: ruleset=check_relay,
> arg1=0x50a46d86.arcnxx15.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk, arg2=,
> relay=0x50a46d86.arcnxx15.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk [], reject=550
> 5.7.1 Mail from open relay/proxy rejected - see
> http://www.dsbl.org/
> ========
> i've gotten 'mail_in' 'mail_out' 'spam' and 'bad_filename' but don't
> understand how else I would graph something (or say "I want THIS to be
> graphed") without calling it specifically like that.
> Thanks for any help!!!
> Jon Quiros
> .
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