[Mimedefang] New spammer trick?

Cormack, Ken kcormack at acs.roadway.com
Wed Nov 26 11:17:53 EST 2003


> Killing off legit users of "consumer broadband" who
> want to use their own servers is, for me, going
> too far.

I deal with this myself at home (where I run my own sendmail box on a cable
connection), as AOL blocks consumer IPs.

My solution?  Using my mailertable trick described earlier, any outbound
mail I send that is addressed to anyone "@aol.com" gets routed (via
mailertable) by my sendmail box, to my cable-provider's "sanctioned" smtp
relay host.  From there, that sanctioned host is able to relay my mail to

Outbound mail from my box to anyone else is delivered direct to the target

The argument that my "own server" has been "killed" by aol's blacklisting of
consumer IPs is not an issue for me.

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