[Mimedefang] New spammer trick?

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> > Out of curiosity, does anyone have a decent list of such domains that
> be
> > rejected? I already drop anything which comes from
> > client.comcast.net
> > client.attbi.com
> > client2.attbi.com
> Unfortunately, the best source I've found for shutting down connections
> directly from "consumer broadband" and other dynamic IPs was easynet.nl's
> dynablocker blacklist ( http://abuse.easynet.nl/dynablocker.html ).
> However, it is being shut down in a week.  :(
You have to be careful when blocking "consumer broadband" that you don't
generalize too much.  RoadRunner, the Time-Warner cable modem service
does "consumer" and "business-class" broadband and both addresses come
through reverse DNS as something.rr.com. The business class addresses
all reverse resolve to something.biz.rr.com, where as consumer addresses
resolve to something like .ne.rr.com (Where the "ne" is regional, in this
Nebraska).  We occasionally get irate support emails from people who
claim we never answer their emails, when in fact, their ISP has blindly
blocked all .rr.com emails.  And the fact that some of the spamming
out there cause us to be flooded with bogus bounce messages makes it hard
to detect real errors.

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