[Mimedefang] New spammer trick?

Bryan Chapman bryan.chapman at cognito.co.uk
Wed Nov 26 06:22:16 EST 2003

>Unfortunately, the best source I've found for shutting down connections

>directly from "consumer broadband" and other dynamic IPs was 
>easynet.nl's dynablocker blacklist ( 
>http://abuse.easynet.nl/dynablocker.html ). However, it is being shut 
>down in a week.  :(

>Thanks for the warning. They do state an alternative to their service
though at:


>I'm checking that one out at the moment...


I'm just checking this out now. The first email it has blocked was from
this list! Is that right, we talk about stopping spam we don't want to
end up on an anti spam list ourselves!

Anyone else had this?

Bryan Chapman
Network Operations Engineer
Cognito Ltd


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