[Mimedefang] clamav on debian

Rolf rolf at ses.tas.gov.au
Tue Nov 25 23:59:45 EST 2003

> > But mimdefang.pl -features says that there is no clamav or clam installed.
>Right; a prepackaged MIMEDefang will not detect virus-scanners unless
>they were present when the package was built.

Thank you very much.

On the basis that there is an exception to every rule, mimdefang.pl 
-features says that spamassassin is installed. It was installed using 
debian apt just like the virus scanner was.

Is the detection of spamassassin feature by mimedefang done differently 
from virus scanners?



>Put this in your filter:
>         $Features{'Virus:CLAMD'} = '/path/to/clamd';
>         $ClamdSock = '/path/to/clamd-socket';
>to force mimedefang.pl to recognize clamd.
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