[Mimedefang] OT: Validing email address in Exchange

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Mon Nov 24 20:19:03 EST 2003

On Mon, 24 Nov 2003, Ray Parish wrote:

> These are all great perl examples, but wouldn't it be more beneficial to
> have sendmail do the ldap queries as oppossed to haveing the queries done in
> mimedefang?

If your LDAP schema is sensible, then yes it would.

If your LDAP schema is mucked-up, semi-documented, baroque and
incomprehensible, then:

a) Congratulations!  You're running Active Directory.
b) It's probably easier to work around the weirdness in Perl than sendmail.cf.

Sneak preview... has anyone downloaded Sendmail 8.13 alpha?  It has a
SOCKETMAP map type, and mimedefang-multiplexor.c has an
FFR_SENDMAIL_SOCKETMAP #define in it, currently set to 0 so the code
isn't compiled.  When Sendmail 8.13 is out, you'll be able to write a
map type that executes arbitrary Perl code to map a key to a value.
This will let you do all kinds of cool things with mailertables,
virtusertables, genericstables, etc... you can keep them in a SQL
database, construct them on the fly, whatever.  This might be the
place to handle strange directory facilities.



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