[Mimedefang] Busy Mail Server

Jon Fullmer jon at jonfullmer.com
Thu Nov 20 10:45:28 EST 2003

Are you sure the problem rests with the sendmail servers?  I had a similar
issue a few months ago.  We had two sendmail servers acting as a front-end
for Exchange (we didn't have them load-balanced with Foundry's, just MX).
When the connections got heavy, it was actually the Exchange server (running
Exchange 2000) that was buckling. Ironically, I haven't found Exchange to be
designed for handling a large influx of e-mail very well by default.

We investigated the issue, but ended up replacing the Exchange server (with
a much beefier box) and upgrading to Exchange 2003.  It's been fine ever

Hope that helps!

 - Jon

on 11/20/03 8:05 AM, Ray Parish at rparish at digitalwebzone.com wrote:

> I have a set of Foundry's doing load balancing between the 2 servers.
> But when i get to about 200 concurrent connections the host is just not able
> to
> send mail out to the exchange server. It is recieving the "connection
> timedout message"
> Perhaps I have hitting the FD_SETSIZE limit?
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