[Mimedefang] RE: Slave problem, "out of memory"

Jim Shewmaker jims at zol.com
Tue Nov 18 20:11:28 EST 2003

I neglected to mention my startup file has:


As the standard ports installed it.

Jim Shewmaker

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Subject: Slave problem, "out of memory"

Using FreeBSD 4.9-STABLE, mimedefang (2.38), I get these occasionally:

Nov 18 16:11:26 mail mimedefang-multiplexor: Slave 0 stderr: Out of memory
during "large" request for 2101248 bytes, total sbrk() is 29220864 bytes at
(eval 61) line 6.

And then that slave dies.  It does appear most of my mail is getting
through.  Pretty standard filter, just with graphdefang logging.
SpamAssassin is only being ran on <256kB.  Using File-Scan 0.74 as well.  

System is a Dual PIII from Dell (1650) with a RAID 5 setup.  Load averages
at about 0.25, and it's not that busy of a server.  It would be even less if
it wasn't running nagios monitoring of other sites.  I do have 1 GB of RAM
(about half in use) plus 2 GB of swap that never gets touched unless there's
an outbreak.  Using Perl 5.8.1 from the ports (just a couple of weeks out of

Any thoughts?  This one didn't jump out at me from the archives.  Thanks for
a great product.

Jim Shewmaker

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