[Mimedefang] MIMEDefang 2.39-BETA-1 is available

John Nemeth jnemeth at victoria.tc.ca
Fri Nov 14 07:45:49 EST 2003

On Feb 28,  4:00am, "David F. Skoll" wrote:
} MIMEDefang 2.39-BETA-1 is available at http://www.mimedefang.org/node.php?id=1

     Thanks for the new release with the histo feature.  I'm working on
testing it right now.  However, I found what looks like a syntax error
in filter_bad_filename().  Here is the change that you made:

<     # - bad extensions (possibly with trailing dots) at end or
<     #   followed by non-alphanum
<     $re = '\.' . $bad_exts . '\.*([^-A-Za-z0-9_.,]|$)';
>     # - bad extensions (possibly with trailing dots) at end
>     $re = '\.' . $bad_exts . '\.*$)';

It looks like you forgot to remove the right parantheses which closed
the group in the previous version.

}-- End of excerpt from "David F. Skoll"

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