[Mimedefang] How to kill this spam?

alan premselaar alien at 12inch.com
Tue Nov 11 00:55:14 EST 2003

On 11/11/03 2:02 PM, "Ashley M. Kirchner" <ashley at pcraft.com> wrote:

>   Ok, I've been getting this crap for a while now and I can't figure
> out how to kill it.  It's always the same construct of message body, and
> I can't just kill it by content-type...  Is there anyway to just bounce
> this crap?
>   I extracted it from my mailbox and posted it here:
> http://37th.yeehaw.net/spam.txt


 do you often get legitimate mail with Windows-1251 charset subjects?  you
might want to test for that using spamassassin to increase the score...

other than that, most of the text was unreadable so I don't really have any
other suggestions



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