[Mimedefang] return smtp reject to remote server but continue todeliver locally?

Chris F mimedefang at haydon.net
Mon Nov 10 12:45:45 EST 2003

David F. Skoll said:
> On Mon, 10 Nov 2003, Chris F wrote:
>> With what little time I had over the weekend to think about this I took
>> a
>> very brief look at the mimedefang code.  It seems that mimedefang only
>> passes INPUTMSG to spamassassin... there's a problem with this.  The
>> headers from the envelope that sendmail adds on delivery won't be
>> present
>> at this point.
> That is not correct, unless you are running a very old version.  Take
> a longer look at the code.

Sure will.  Good to know this isn't an issue.  It will also make it easier
to fudge delivery.

As an aside, do you know if sendmail's milter API is capable of
accomodating the original request?  That is, to return an error to the
client but continue to deliver?

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