[Mimedefang] Linux distributions

Lucas Albers admin at cs.montana.edu
Thu Nov 6 15:38:54 EST 2003

<linux blah blah my os is better then your os mode on>
debian imo.
apt-get -t testing install mimedefang

30 seconds later, done.

Installed all the packages included all patches with minimal effort.

I prefer debian to slackware because of the huge and well tested apt
repository that makes installing packages easy.
</linux blah blah my os is better then your os mode off>

I use redhat 7.3 currently as my mimedefang filter, but am planning to
migrate to debian.

> Hello,
> Are there any known issues about using mimedefang with different distro's?
> I
> am using mimedefang with Red Hat 9 and used with Red Hat 8. I plan to use
> Slackware, but if another distro supports my needs, I will probably use
> that. Which distro does mimedefang work best?
> Ps: I use mimedefang with Mcafee's uvscan.
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