[Mimedefang] kill -HUP [MD processes]

Andrzej Marecki amr at astro.uni.torun.pl
Wed Nov 26 04:32:59 EST 2003


maybe this is somewhere in the documentation or the archives of this list. 
If so, just say RTFM and show me to the right place. ;-)
But if not, please enlighten me: what actually happens if I send "kill -HUP"
to mimedefang, mimedefang-multiplexor, mimedefang.pl?

I know the answer to the last question - just have tested that. "kill -HUP"
sent to mimedefang.pl merely terminates the process (apparently) graceful.
The multiplexor brings the slave(s) up shortly after that if required by
e.g. MX_MINIMUM. This is OK if I want, for example, re-read an updated

Now, what if I change e.g. /etc/mail/mimedefang-filter? Is kill -HUP enough?
To which process should I send this signal to force re-reading? BTW, sending
kill -HUP to mimedefang-multiplexor does not terminate it - this is yet
another silly test I made. All right, so if it doesn't terminate it - which
is perfectly OK, of course - then... see the 1st question at the top of this 
piece of mail.



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