[Mimedefang] Roaring Penguin spam statistics

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Sat Nov 22 11:05:21 EST 2003


A while ago, someone asked about real spam statistics.  Here
are the statistics for Roaring Penguin for Friday, 21 November 2003:

Valid e-mails that got delivered: 189
                         Viruses: 129
                    User unknown: 281 [Note 1]
                            Spam:  66
                        Greylist:  122 of which around 75 were spam. [Note 2]

Note 1: User unknowns are bounces -- spammers are faking mail from
"random_junk at roaringpenguin.com" and we're rejecting bounce messages.

Note 2: Greylist entries are first-time senders that are tempfailed.  The
~75 that never retransmitted were spam.

So:  Valid mail: 189
   Invalid mail: 129 + 281 + 66 + 75 = 551

Note also that viruses make up 23% of all messages, or (worse) there
are 68% as many viruses as valid messages.  On a byte-volume basis, I
would guess that 85% of our mail volume consists of viruses, because
viruses are much larger than the typical e-mail we receive. :-(



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