[Mimedefang] Graphdefang 0.9 SummaryDB corrupts whenever size is over 200k

David Erickson erickson+mimedefang at mddsg.com
Fri Nov 21 19:17:56 EST 2003

Hi.. I was trying to use graphdedfang 0.7 that was included in the
mimedefang port on FreeBSD but i was having the same issue im still having
after upgrading to Graphdefang 0.9.  I'm using mimedefang
2.38/spamassassin 2.60 and i've upgraded to Berkley DB 4.1 as well as
followed instructions i found to resolve all issues on BSD based systems
including installing the updated perl db_file routines that come with
DB4.1.  This is FreeBSD 4.8.  I'm not even a large site and whenever the
size of SummaryDB.db is over 200k the graphdefang.cgi is unable to graph
anything other than a flat line like it cannot read any data.  The data is
still available apparently based on the auto generated png's that you view
from the index.php. I basically cat'd together a weeks worth of maillogs
and it's fine until i add the 4th day and then it gets over 200k.  After
that graphdefang.cgi doesn't produce anything other than a graph with no

Has anyone experienced this issue?  I've tried everything.  I tried
resolving this same issue maybe a year ago with Graphdefang but no one had
experienced the same problem.  Well I'm anxious to get it working so pleas
e let me know if you have any ideas.

David Erickson, CCSA
erickson at mddsg.com

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