[Mimedefang] Testing aliased address

Alan Madill amadill at hwy16.com
Fri Nov 21 13:08:11 EST 2003

Where would be the best place to pick out the to address of aliased mail?  We get a fair 
bit of postmaster notify mail that gets aliased to root on machine A.  It gets aliased again 
to a real user and sent on to machine B where I'm testing MD and SA.  When it ends up in 
the real users mailbox the To: address is still postmaster at machineA .  I'm testing in filter 
recipient for that address but by then it is aliased and the HELO info is to realuser.

This is the snippet from mimedefang-filter.

# Test to see if we do any filtering at all
# called after filter_relay and filter_sender
sub filter_recipient {
   my ($recipient, $sender, $ip, $hostname, $first, $helo,
       $rcpt_mailer, $rcpt_host, $rcpt_addr) = @_;

   if ($recipient =~ /^<?postmaster\@.*\.hwy16\.com>?$/i) {
      # this is fine because all of these these go to me and I have another system doing
      # virus scans.  No point in wasting resources. 
      md_syslog('warning', "Postmaster mail accepted and forwarded") if ($MDXdebug); 
      return ('ACCEPT_AND_NO_MORE_FILTERING', "ok");

   $recipient =~ s/[<>]//g;
   $recipient =~ s/\@.*//;
   $recipient = lc($recipient);

   # get user prefs from MySQL database
   my($prefs) = MDXgetuserprefs($recipient, "MDXdofilter");
   md_syslog('warning', "Test of MDXgetuserprefs for $recipient, "
                ." MDXdofilter is $prefs->{MDXdofilter}->{value}") if ($MDXdebug);

   # The rest of this assumes that the user prefs are available
   # If the MySQL server goes down then just exit
   return ('CONTINUE', "ok") if not $prefs;

   if ( $prefs->{MDXdofilter}->{value} ) {
      return ('CONTINUE', "ok");
   } else {
      return ('ACCEPT_AND_NO_MORE_FILTERING', "ok");
   md_syslog('err', "We should not get here in filter_recipient!");
   return ('CONTINUE', "ok");
Alan Madill - Aspen House Systems
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