[Mimedefang] un-quarantining messages with fang.pl

Joe Arnstein mimedefang at claireandjoe.com
Tue Nov 18 21:37:18 EST 2003

Hi all,
I am a new MIMEDefang'er and have a lot of questions...refraining from
putting them all into one e-mail.  :)

I'm using RedHat 9, Sendmail 8.12.10, Mimedefang 2.38 McAfee virus
scanner  and SpamAssassin 2.60.
My quarantine is full of messages, many of which were not saved in their
entirety. After tweaking the filters a bit I tried to resend one of them
with fang.pl, but it seems milter is not being called to scan the .mdb
attachment. How can I force the rest of those messages to be re-scanned
by MIMEDefang as they're sent?  Is it just a misconfiguration on my
part? A limitation of Net::SMTP?  
What do most people do to automate the process of un-quarantining
messages?  If I have 300 messages quarantined, is there an effective way
to tell _why_ each one is in there (virus, bad extension, etc) then
re-send groups of them based on that?   I'm familiar with the command
line method of re-queuing a message that has its ENTIRE_MESSAGE file,
but that isn't too practical with this many messages.  

Welp, that should about do it for my first message to the list.  Thanks
to everyone for your help!
Joe Arnstein

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