[Mimedefang] Clam/MIMEdefang install procedure

mimedefang at mail.jameswcurtis.com mimedefang at mail.jameswcurtis.com
Mon Nov 17 06:08:03 EST 2003

Is there any place that has a good install procedure for Clam
AntiVirus and MIMEdefang?  Clamav is the first program I have worked with 
that doesn't include an init script.  I can get the MIMEdefang install
procedure to see the clamav, but when I setup the sendmail and
try to send an e-mail via telnet, I receive a message to try again
later.  What should my troubleshooting steps be?  If I set up
MIMEdefang with File::Scan instead, my procedure works perfectly.  I have 
found an init script on the Internet, and now when I start the process, I 
get confirmation that it started, but if I immediately follow it up with a 
/etc/rc.d/init.d/clamav status, I receive a message stating that Clamd is 
dead, but subsys locked.
Any help will definitely be appreciated.  Last leg of a monster

Bill Curtis

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