[Mimedefang] Symantec AV Scan Engine

Jerry Vonau jvonau at winnipegmotorexpress.com
Tue Nov 4 18:30:05 EST 2003

Hi All:

I have mimedefang setup with Symantec Scan Engine and this works great for 
me. I was running into a situation where the scan engine would fail to scan 
the file, "mimedefang.pl[6574]:  Unexpected response to AVSCAN or 
AVSCANLOCAL command: 538 Malformed container file found. - File not 
scanned."  was logged in messages and the mail was tempfailed, logged in 
maillog "problem running virus-scanner", and bounced. While I don't want to 
forward any file that can't be scanned,
the scanner was not the problem, the mail's container is.

I hacked mimedefang.pl like so:

< $Features{'Virus:SymantecCSS'} = 0; # Ditto
> $Features{'Virus:SymantecCSS'} = 1; # Ditto
<     unless ($line =~ /^230/) {
>     if ($line =~ /^538/) {
>       md_syslog('warning', "Bad MIME command: $line");
>       $sock->close;
>       return(999, 'badmime', 'tempfail');
>     }
>       unless ($line =~ /^230/) {

and add this to the filter file in filter_begin just before the tempfail 

        if ($category eq "badmime") {
        action_bounce("SYMCScan 538 Malformed Container");
        action_quarantine_entire_message("Malformed MIME");
        md_syslog('warning', "SYMCScan 538 Malformed MIME: /
 code=$code, category=$category, action=$action");

Now the maillog get this:

Nov  4 17:08:07 scanmail sendmail[26963]: hA4N87wP026963: Milter: data,  /
reject=554 5.7.1 SYMCScan 538 Malformed Container

Which is more accurate than just "problem running virus-scanner"
My question is there any problem in the way that I handled the change??
Any feed back is welcome, as I not that strong with perl, but I learn 

Thanks in advance
Jerry Vonau

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