[Mimedefang] debian support of mimedefang mimetools

Lucas Albers admin at cs.montana.edu
Sun Nov 2 13:23:14 EST 2003

I am planning to switch my only mimedefang production server to debian
from redhat.
Am still considering it, for reasons stated in article.


I noticed that mimedefang is listed in debian testing, I installed it with
mimedefang 8.12.9 or whatever debian testing for sendmail is.
As you are all aware roaring penguim released a patched version of
mimedefang tools to handle bad mime encodes.
>From website:

MIME-tools-5.411a-RP-Patched-02.tar.gz Patched version of MIME::tools (Use
this version!)

Does the debian version of mimedefang include these patches in the mime

If you remember when sa 2.60 came out razor2 needed to be patched to
remove taint warnings, and lo and behold the debian version of razor2
included these patches.


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