[Mimedefang] Embedding Perl in Multiplexor -- good idea?

Lucas Albers admin at cs.montana.edu
Sun Nov 2 13:16:12 EST 2003

> The big question mark is whether destroying a Perl interpreter really,
> honestly, truly frees up all the memory allocated by Perl.  The big
> advantage of the current scheme is that it's highly resilient in the
> face of Perl memory leaks.  People routinely leave the multiplexor
> running for months.
> David.

So the important things to consider for this change to have the perl
embedded are:

Use less memory.
Has the biggest effect on high load sights with many slaves?

Might slowly leak memory over a period of time.

The only real way to cover up memory leaks  is to have a master that
systematically recycles slave processes?

Does that just about cover it?


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